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The testimonials below are from clients who have come to us for treatment. Click on a client name below to view the whole testimonial.
Caroline Smart: Lower back problem, recurring bronchitis and diarrhoea
Bonnie Boyle: Terrible pain after a total knee replacement
Roy Brown: Suffered from severe back pain
Mrs J Schreiber: Pain and cramping since partial disc removal
Zainub Addul: Adult Acne improved by 80% by 9th visit
Carol Meyer: Suffered from severe, debilitating headaches, and also regularly gets help for cold, flu, bronchitis, nausea, menstrual pain and bleeding
Cheryl Bevan: Ankle pain, menopause, bladder problems
Jay & Jenny Reddy, Son Yesigan: Non Traumatic Brain Injury
Jay & Jenny Reddy: A thank you note
Savy Pillay: Pain for varicose veins and extremely poor circulation
Wendy Clark: Pain and discomfort of the neck and shoulders
Patrick Peterson: Low kidney energy and for pain and swelling on balls of both feet
Sadeia Nundeeksasen: Joint in jaw swollen and painful, could barely open her mouth
Dr LV Heslop regarding Mrs Magdelena Starzak, cancer patient: Assistance with stopping smoking
Naseema Vorajee: Dislodged cervicle vertebra discs
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